Advantages of having a Built-In Intercom System


Using the intercom for your home is not only used to communicate between rooms but also answer the door. There are many Intercom Systems that offer All Broadcast communication throughout the home but only selective few offer the convenience of Selective Intercom or Automatic Selective Intercom for private communication. Meaning that you can either call a specific room or the system automatically goes into a private communication. It will always depend on what is right for the user of the intercom.


Using the Monitor on your Built-In Intercom System is a great way to keep in touch with your children. The convenience of being able to select rooms to monitor or multiple rooms to monitor are available with most systems. Monitoring your child when they are sleeping or just playing in the room is an extra comfort that we all want.

Taking Care of your parents

We all dislike the thought of your parents getting old. But it’s a hard fact of life that we all have to face. Especially when your parents or parent is not able to get up and around very easily or we are taking care of them. The Monitor feature on a Built-In Home Intercom System can be used to monitor your parent’s room if they need assistance.

Door Intercom

That extra security sure adds to that safe feeling for all of us. The door intercom feature is available on most intercoms. This feature is a great way to communication to who ever is at the front door. How many times have you felt uncomfortable about opening the door to a stranger?

Music Distribution

When we build our new homes we look at it as an investment and how easy will it be to sell. Music distribution built into your home can increase your value to your home.
But there are many systems to choose and we all trust the installer or builder to tell us what is best. But be careful, the cost of these systems can get out of control and come with more features than you will ever use. With Home Intercom systems these features are kept to minimum which make the systems more affordable to purchase.


Some systems allow you to put your room station into private. This will not allow anyone to monitor your room without your knowledge. This is a great feature to have on your system especially when your child or children get older.

Remote Control

There are Home Intercom Systems available with remote controls. These remotes usually can control the basic functions. But there are remote controls that you can purchase that control the intercom functions too. These remotes will allow you to communicate to the door or unlock the door without getting out of you chair. These remotes will also allow you to communicate to any room station in the home. It’s a convenience that we all love.

Hand Held Players

Everyone one is getting into the Ipod or mp3 hand held players. Even your car has the option to plug in your iPod. Most Home Intercom Systems now have this option. But some are more elaborate than others. Most systems are dedicated only to iPod but some are not. Today when you purchase a cell phone and you have the option to have a mp3 player. Amazing but most hand held devices will have mp3 players and you want your equipment to be universal.

Advantages of Intercom Systems for Home

Firstly identify those vulnerable areas of the home where intercom systems need to be installed such as room where the main point of entry as well as other entry points requires surveillance. Intercom devices could be fixed outside the house or within. Small kids’ rooms or nurseries and rooms occupied by the aged in the family could also be included within the network of Intercom Systems for homes. The size of each room and the distance existing between rooms where peers needs installation has to be checked. By doing this, the house owner gets a fairly good idea of the number of intercom peers required within the house.

The usual procedure for installation is to have intercom systems with a central interface panel in combination with at least three or four other satellite or call panels relatively smaller in size for placement in locations of the house where intercom facility is actually required. In certain cases, the telephone system within the house turns into a device for answering or making of calls. The newer models of Intercom Systems for Home even have a central button that can be pressed into use for making common announcements to all the members of the dwelling unit located in different rooms connected via the intercom.

Although wired technology exists in those systems, the wireless varieties seem to be catching on well with customers. A basic door model of wireless Intercom Systems for Home comprises of a 2-way working method involving a main door station connected to the master station. The working principle is based on sending and receiving of radio signals. The door unit is mostly fixed outside the door or gate and is made up of a microphone with speaker with a push button for pressing. The master unit on the other hand is fixed inside the house. In addition to door models, intercoms are also seen with more advanced features such as baby monitoring with video coverage. Rather than installing separate components to provide broadcast of music or airing the video on monitor, one could look up intercom systems that incorporate all these features as one unit. Although there are plenty of companies that offer sale along with installation of the device, maintenance, and even replacement in case of damage, one can also avail the do-it-yourself kits and get these fixed independently.

Keeping a dwelling unit safe and secure from entry of persons who might pose risk for family members is vital. The role of this Systems for Home in preventing such dangers is well accepted. Browse through the entire gamut of models available to identify the one most suitable for your needs.

3 Reasons You Should Consider a Wireless Intercom System

Wireless home intercom systems are becoming much more popular in the homes of regular people, and there are plenty of reasons for it. It used to be that these systems were only used by cops or security personnel to interact on the job, but lately people have been discovering how handy a wireless intercom can be. In this article, I plan on giving you the most important 3 reasons you should have one in your own home.

1) Convenience

Let’s say for example that you are in the kitchen preparing dinner. Everything is just about prepared, and you want to tell your family that they should come down and get settled. But you also don’t want to run around shouting, “Dinner’s ready!” right? Maybe you don’t want to leave the kitchen at all because you have to watch whatever you have baking in the oven.

This is a perfect example. Simply pick up your wireless intercom and announce to every room in the house that dinner is ready! So convenient!

2) Security

This reason is actually multi-faceted. Many home security systems have intercom systems included to allow instant connection not only between rooms, but from the security host directly to your family. The added bonus of a wireless intercom system is the option to speak to, hear, and sometimes even see every room throughout your house.

And then there’s the possibility of a fire breaking out in your kitchen. Wouldn’t you like to be able to instantly warn your entire house and make sure everyone gets out as fast as possible? This feeling of security in the event of a disaster adds piece of mind that is invaluable.

3) Flexibility

Ever wonder if your student is doing their homework? Want to look into your living room in the middle of the day to check on your cat? How about figure out where your significant other is hiding? Any of these things are possible with a wireless intercom system.

Many of these systems are totally reliant on batteries (although a few can be charged through a standard wall outlet) and allow you to take them anywhere you go. Even outside of your house! You can talk to your son or daughter while you’re out completing errands (just for a short bit of course, can’t leave them home alone!). You can even check to see if anyone is home while you’re returning home from work. Many systems have video included with the audio capabilities, making them even more versatile.

As you can see, the possibilities are neverending when it comes to wireless intercom systems. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for something that will make your day to day life a little easier, or you want that extra sense of security knowing you are able to connect to any room in your home no matter where you are, a wireless intercom system will be useful for you.

Comments? Questions? Perhaps you can think of an application that I might have forgotten? Don’t hesitate to tell me in the comments below, I’m always looking for more ideas!