Video Home Intercom System

Have you thought of a improved sense of protection as you will be about to answer the entry point? A video door intercom would help you to feel a little safer when as it comes to recognizing who would be on the other side of that doorway before you open it. Simply imagine no longer having to afraid about answering the entry points any longer with out being informed who or what could be on the other side.

The video door intercom merges the functions of the intercom and a video camera. That way even if you do not know for certain who it is, you can find out what they could be wanting without ever opening your door. It will be considered to be perfect for residential and commercial usage. It is a wonderful means of having the security to be able to communicate with a person at the entry point without even opening it. Admitting you with a sense of security measures and also the piece of mind while in the comforts of a house.

Also it could help to keep from opening of a entry way to the stranger which simply wishes to enter into a home. A video door intercom provides you to chose whom you want to permit the door to become opened up to. Even if a individual who is on the outside side may be someone you do not recognize then you will not have to open your entry way although you may speak and observe them to discover precisely what they might want if you have got the added security measures of not having to open a entry points.

So if you will be looking at for the improved feeling of security system when it comes to someone knocking at the entry way, than the video intercom set up at the home would help to provide that security at the house. With all the different manufacturers that is in the industry it should not be hard to find a video home intercom which meets your needs. Along with the many manufacturers the costs can vary, you should be able in finding your perfect one that not merely fits your demands but also your budget.

The video home intercom would provide you with a sense of security measures when it occurs to answering a door again. Offering you that security measures which we all need in this day and time while nevertheless being remaining low-cost, there is no reason why you could not have one installed. You will also have the selection between either a wireless or wired system installed. No matter which selection you chose you will get the security you would be wanting.

Intercom Systems – Do You Need It?

Talking without Yelling in the House

Have you found yourself yelling or shouting to your spouse or children? Intercom Systems allows communication throughout the home with no yelling or shouting needed. Some systems have selective call or private communication between rooms.

New Family

As a Parent of a baby or a small child you want to monitor the child all day. Intercom Systems allows you to monitor or listen to the baby or child when needed. This can be done by individual room stations or all room stations at once.

Disabled or Senior Citizens

Intercom Systems allows the elderly and disabled to answer the front door without having to go back and forth. Hand held remotes to activate the intercom systems will enable the user to answer the door without getting out of bed. Great feature for the disabled or monitoring a disabled child.


Have you found yourself answering the door and wondering who it is? Intercom Systems gives you extra security when answering the door. No need to open the door to strangers with the door intercom. Also, open the door with the door release or use the hand held remote to open the door and not even get out of the chair.

Music throughout the home

Most Intercom Systems have a built-in am/fm radio. This will allow you to have music distribution throughout the home at an affordable price. Some systems will allow you to listen to different music in every room station.

Mp3 Players

We all like different music, some intercom systems gives you an option to connect iPod, Mp3 players or any handheld players. Even some allows you to connect these Mp3 players to each room station. Image everyone in your house listening to an Mp3 player at once.

Pool and Barbeque Parties

Having a party and want to enjoy the music or just laying out in the pool. Plug in the iPod or any Mp3 player into your patio room station to enjoy the music. Door Bell rings and you wet from being in the pool, use the Intercom System to answer the door or let more party guess in the house with the door release.

Types Of Intercom Systems To Secure Your Apartment

Given the growing rate of crime, it has become a necessity to raise your guard. Properties such as homes, apartments and businesses make easy targets, not only when left unattended but also when there people occupying the space.

Security cameras provide you an effective means to keep a watchful eye on your premises. Intercom systems, on the other hand, help you restrict the people who gain access to your property. An intercom is a communication device typically fitted at entry points like gates and doors. It notifies the apartment owner on the arrival of a guest. So, if there’s someone you don’t want to meet, you can deny permission remotely and keep them beyond the door. Thus, an apartment intercom system installation can serve as an important security feature.

The first step towards apartment intercom system installation is understanding the different types of intercom systems on the market. This article gives you a lowdown on the different types, their features and installation requirements.

The 3 Types

1. Wired Systems –

Also called hardwired intercoms, this type is installed along a network of wires connected to the main electrical circuit. It is an ideal apartment intercom system installation option if your home or apartment is still under construction as the wiring can be threaded without any hassles. Installing it post-construction might require you to drill an endless number of holes and even break the wall in some places to insert the wires.

In comparison, wired intercom systems boast of the highest transmission signal quality, both sound and visual. This is because it is not affected by interferences. Also, you can raise the signal quality further by using good quality wire. In terms of price, wired systems are quite reasonable.

2. Wireless systems –

These intercom systems are for apartment owners who cannot bear to see the wires running across their walls. The device transmits intercom signals using radio frequencies. There are many advantages of opting for a wireless intercom system. It is as good as a wired system when compared for audio and video signals. Contrary to what many might expect, it is the cheapest of the three; this is because it does not require any additional wiring or special setup.

Apartment intercom system installation for a wireless model involves unpacking the box, putting it where you want and powering it (inserting batteries) to make ready for use. It is as easy as that. A model with a portable receiver adds to the convenience of use; it allows you to use the intercom from any location. The only major drawback with this system is interference; the quality of signals transmitted depends on the distance between the two transmitting points and the quality of the device.

3. Carrier Current Intercoms –

This system serves as a great apartment intercom installation system since it is directly connected to the AC power source. The installation is quite easy even after construction is complete. The current produces medium-frequency AM signals. It shares the wiring that carries electrical current throughout the building; hence, the signal quality falls short of a hardwired system. Cost-wise, it is cheaper than a hardwired system.

So, now that you are aware of the different types of intercom systems, you can choose the best that suits your needs and budget.